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- OldLens Photographer Keita Suzuki/urban Photography -


This is a ArtGraph portraits page (park, ocean, town, studio, etc.).

We use ambient light in location shooting, and use strobe much in studio shooting.

There are many pictures that place importance on affinity with places.

Please have a look.



This page is a ArtGraph landscape photograph, mainly a portfolio of factory night view.

I am taking photographs by long exposure and there are many pictures that made use of the wide angle.

It is a portfolio carefully selected from among the leading factories night view in Japan (Kawasaki, Yokkaichi, Kashima).

Please have a look.



This page is a ArtGraph portfolio of flowers, Japanese festivals and fireworks.

There are many pictures that are not confined to the genre of shooting.

We plan to post a portfolio of everyday snaps and film photos.

Please have a look.


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